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About Us

Our Company

It took us time, technology and tenacity to create impactful solutions with PVC products and their designs. RAMA PVC Laminates is in the forefront of innovations of Real Plast. Blending incredible designs with Real Plast, Eva Bond and Decor Plast into creative solutions-based applications; our world-class products exude confidence of 15 years.

Our great state-of-art manufacturing unit at Tajpur, Gujarat is incorporated with updated infrastructure, revolutionary imported machinery, highly skilled employees assisted with quality-control and process- driven systems of manufacturing and distribution. These are mainly seen in our primary focus products like PVC laminates, PVC Marble sheets and SPC Flooring. All our products are recyclable, sustainable and durable.

Bringing all these together, we ensure that our customers expectations are highly matched. Contemporary trends and design applications gives us better leads on the customer perspectives which we have always been able to fulfill sustain-ably.

Vision and Business idea

“Experience makes sense of our past, brings in clarity of purpose for today and creates sustainably lasting vision for future.”

With highly cohesive and optimized value chain we have the ever impactful vision to “create a better tomorrow everyday” for our customers and employees. We, firstly are aiming to be the best version of ourselves every year. Secondly, we are looking at the futuristic vision of a better world with high usability of our products that are inherently designed to be environmentally friendly.


Everyday is a challenge to do our best and until that isn’t done – we never rest. At RAMA PVC Laminates we believe in creating value everyday in every order and communication.

This then gets added up and corroborates with our vision to excel. Each day for us, hence, is a mission into being the best in each sphere of our work.

PVC Laminates

We facilitate huge variety of PVC Laminates for our customers. Acknowledged for their features like attractive design, weather and corrosion proof, easy to clean, eco-friendly and high quality, termite and borer resistant, perfect finish like (wooden, metallic, laser, rustic, velvet, print sprinkle, solids, solid gloss, marble touch and texture among others), these laminates are highly appreciated among our clients.

90° flexibility is what makes it last longer and helps in covering the edges giving it a finished look. Variety of colour options help you make your interior look more beautiful. PVC laminates are available in thickness 1.2 mm. PVC has good formability.

PVC Laminate 90° Bendable Technology

Don’t you hate the harsh & cheap looking edges of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, beds, etc?

Then sit back and relax, we have found a solution for this problem. Use our PVC 90° Bendable PVC laminates and forget the visible edgy joints. With 90° bend PVC laminates you can simply bend the PVC laminates and give your interiors a stylish & adorable looks.

You can simply use V-Groove Cutter by giving a groove of 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm for bending the sheet up-to 90 degrees.

Where Are The Pvc Laminates Used?

PVC laminates have the designs for an eco-friendly application. They are gradually becoming the first choice of consumers for kitchen and office interior decoration. The PVC laminates have flooded the market because of the wide range of options associated with laminates. These laminates are used in home and office interiors for decor purpose. The PVC laminates are a popular choice of many, because of the numerous uses they have; some of which are given below:

1. Kitchen – PVC laminate is widely used in designing modular kitchens in metro cities, especially the kitchen cabinets.

2. Wardrobe – A wide array of PVC laminates gives a gorgeous look to your wardrobe space. They enhance the overall appearance of the room and also keeps it safe from invasion of insects/termites.

3. Furniture – PVC laminate is used to give attractive and seamless appearance to modern furniture. It can be used as a better substitute of wood, and also be easily recycled. It makes furniture more easier to fit with the theme and context of the room.